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Vintage retro antique industrial lighting & furniture for your home, bar, coffee shop and restaurant

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Supporting Art

Supporting Art

Here at Industville, we believe there is more to life than just beautiful handcrafted lighting and furniture. We admire skilled craftsmen and artists, and we would like to be a part of this meaningful and charitable initiative that not only benefits our customers and their interiors but also makes a real difference to someone’s life. As such, we have devoted the walls of our showroom to promote the artwork of talented and aspiring artists, providing a platform for them to be recognised and rewarded for all their work!

Would you like to showcase your artwork in Industville’s gallery space to clients such as Caffe Nero, Jamie’s Italian, Lush and Superdry? Interested? We are currently looking for vibrant artists of all disciplines to feature in our gallery. If you wish to be considered please contact us at jo@industville.co.uk or 020 7971 7871

 Featured Image: The Lighthouse